Event bookings and Packages
Take a look at our packages below:Tickets sales and some of our events and packages can be paid for by visiting our website or by clicking here.

Alternatively you can make a reservation by visiting our Contact Us page or call 07733880074


A favourite for big groups celebrating birthdays or hen nights or any eventful day.
Package includes :
1 X bottle of Jack Daniels or Moet
Free entry for 5 guests before 1am



Free entrance for 5 guests and a table in our VIP area.

Package includes:
1 x Jack Daniels or Red/Black Label or Smirnoff or Ciroc with mixers
3 x Bottles of wine



Queue jump and free entrance for 5 guests before 2am. A table in our VIP Area for you and your party group.
Package includes :
1 bottle of Ciroc
1 bottle of Hennesy
1 bottle of Prosecco



This popular package has everything you need for an amazing VIP celebration. A table in our VIP area and you will be
fast tracked with free entry before 2am for 6 guests.

Package includes:
1 bottle of Rose wine
1 bottle of Ciroc
1 bottle of Moet / Jack Daniels
1 bottle of Prosecco